Montana Metal Primer

Montana Metal Primer
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The Montana Primer sprays enable excellent adhesion results and further coating of synthetic, nitro-combi or acrylic spray paints. Different primers are need for application on different surfaces that need to be pre-treated such as plastic, metal and styrofoam. The primers give efficient and more permanent results and are easy to apply, to sand and re-coat. The Montana Metal Primer is a quick drying primer for the perfect pre-treatment of metal surfaces that need protecting from rust. Can be used on Montana sprays with a synthetic, acrylic, or nitro-combination base.

Directions for use: (Always test spray on a non-visible area to check compatibility of lacquer or paint. Apply primer in thin layers spraying before the previous coat is fully dry but with 1 or 2 minutes between each pass. Coats might need drying time of 24 hours subject to substrate.