Montana Permanent Adhesive Spray

Montana Permanent Adhesive Spray
Product code: MON-05-AP400P 
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Single application spray adhesive for permanent adhesion. This acid-free Adhesive spray consists of a synthetic base with solvents and is suitable for most materials such as foam, jute, felt, textiles, insulating material, plastics, foils, paper, cardboard and wood. Not suitable for artificial leather or other materials with plasticizing agents or softeners.

Direction for use:
Do not store or use under 10degree outdoor temperature
Shake can well, apply on clean, dry and greaseless surfaces
Optimal spray distance is 20-30cm
Allow 3-10 minutes to evaporate (subject to outdoor temperature and surface)
Compress strongly

Porous, uneven or absorbent surfaces are recommended to be primed with a thin layer of adhesive spray, let it dry for 5 minutes and continue as above.