Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury at Jarrold

 "Norwich is a makeup mecca and the women here really understand the power of makeup, so it’s incredibly exciting for me to launch my first Jarrold counter and continue my makeup revolution!"

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury understands the power of makeup like no-one else. With over 20 years at the forefront of the makeup industry working with the world’s A-list models, celebrities and designers, Charlotte has poured her best-kept secrets into an edited but ‘all you need’ skincare and make-up collection.

She knows more than anyone that when you look good, you feel good and project confidence. You carry yourself differently and, in turn, the world reacts to you in a different way. At the age of thirteen, Charlotte personally discovered the transformative power of makeup. Since then, she has been helping others – starting with her school friends, to the most discerning women around the world today – look their most beautiful.

Charlotte believes that beauty is not an exclusive club and makeup is every woman’s secret weapon! Charlotte has created an uncompromising collection for all modern women who are as likely to do their makeup on the run with a mobile phone in hand as they are to sit down at a vanity table. She has decoded her expertise into essential makeup tricks, tips and tools that are EASY TO CHOOSE, EASY TO USE and IRRESISTIBLE, Charlotte is determined to revolutionise beauty.

Charlotte Tilbury Best Sellers at Jarrold
Charlotte Tilbury 10 Looks

"I don’t believe in limits”, Charlotte says.  “My counter fuses quick, easy moments of ‘grab & go’, with the glamour and indulgence of a Hollywood vanity table.  It has been designed with the 5-minute, solo shopper and those looking for a personalised makeup artist service in mind, in one divine makeup moment – it’s a Revolution!"

The Charlotte Tilbury counter in Jarrold Norwich brings Charlotte’s philosophy of ‘Expert Artistry made Easy for Every Woman’ to life. Trusted members of Charlotte’s Team Tilbury who travel the world with Charlotte working with celebrity red carpet clients, will be on hand offering bespoke makeover services from ‘Quick Tricks’ to full ‘Tilbury Transformations’. Charlotte wants to empower every woman to be the most beautiful version of themselves, every day, at any age, whether they have 5 or 50 minutes to spare.

Beauty fans can discover Charlotte’s backstage and red carpet beauty tips and tricks for themselves with a one-on-one makeover, enjoy a masterclass with friends, or just immerse themselves in Charlotte’s glamorous world of skincare and makeup.


15-minutes - complimentary

Pick a quick trick and learn the secrets to instant makeup magic! ‘We live in a world where women have no time. I’ve got the products and tools for no time’ Charlotte Tilbury

  • Instant Killer Cheekbones
  • Eyes to Mesmerise
  • The Perfect Lip
  • Bigger, Brighter Eyes
  • Charlotte’s Famous Feline Flick

60 minutes - £35 for Team Tilbury & £65 for Lead Artist redeemable against product

If we have an artist free we will see you straight away or book an appointment in advance to reserve your space.

Pick one of Charlotte’s 10 Iconic Looks for a Tilbury Transformation

  • Red Carpet Skin Secrets
  • Expert Artistry Made Easy
  • Express Transformation

120 minutes - £100 redeemable against product - by appointment only

  • Bridal tutorial 1-1 or Masterclass with your bridal party
  • Looks Wardrobing 
  • Red Carpet Skin Secrets